Mobile devices will give Servers the freedom of not having to write down an order, and taking the order to a stationary POS terminal. They will be able to instantly take the customer's order at their table and send it directly to the Server and Kitchen printer.

VRMS POS on mobile devices will provide your company with increased efficiency and mobility. Improved order accuracy and increased sales will help your business increase profitability.

VRMS POS mobile key features:
  • Orders are sent instantly to the kitchen.
  • Accuracy is increased by eliminating written orders.
  • Improved customer experience and error-free order.
  • Employees can work more tables efficiently.
  • Employees can easily customize an order for their customers.
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Audit Controls.
  • a comprehensive set of Report.
  • Analysis Tools
Login Screen
Main Screen
Number of Customers
Table Seating
Order Screen
General Request
Item Request
Combo Order
Open Table
Item Modifier
Set Price
Send Order