The VRMS is used comfortably by regular restaurants. It is targeted at a niche market of restaurants with a work force of very limited education and English ability. The VRMS software must be very intuitive for those people to use. Therefore, regular American restaurants with average working people always find the VRMS a very friendly system. The VRMS has some unique features:

  • The VRMS order entry module is very graphical. Most operations are performed by one screen touch. Since many servers are not familiar with keyboards, the utilization of keyboards is reduced to the minimum. Opening a new table or retrieving an order are made through a floor map or an order list. The on-screen keyboard has two versions: a standard version and an easy version with keys arranged alphabetically (A, B, C, D). The VRMS usually provides the user with visual selections instead of making them type. So we name our product Visual Restaurant Management System.
  • Many VRMS users may use English only. Another group of VRMS users may use more than one language. The VRMS multiple-language support is built-in and very convenient. The order entry is highly flexible for language changing. For instance, If we use an English/Chinese version of VRMS Order Entry module, the program can display English, print English; or display Chinese, print English, or display English, print Chinese; or display Chinese, print Chinese; or display English, print both English and Chinese; or display Chinese, print both English and Chinese. To change the language on the screen only takes one screen touch. Each printer can be set to different languages individually.
  • The VRMS software has built-in self remedy capability. It has a two-step scheme to automatically repair errors of the system. Instead of using a conventional data redundancy scheme, which reduces the system's performance efficiency, the VRMS uses an intermittent mirroring technology to accomplish 95%+ file replication operations with a much lower overhead. The configuration of a station can be easily changed in response to any major system failure. The VRMS also has a group of repairing utilities, so it is very easy for end users to maintain. These features greatly reduce the frequency of emergency calls for support to the resellers.
  • The VRMS comes with predefined basic reports. Some basic reports are very graphical on the screen display, and can be easily printed or cut-pasted to any MS office application. While the basic report might be sufficient for small restaurants, big restaurants usually need their own special reports. Since the VRMS uses jet engine as the DBMS, it is very easy for the user to create needed reports with MS-ACCESS report facility or Crystal Report. We are currently developing new tools and more reports to help our end users.
  • The VRMS software contains six groups of modules. Each restaurant chooses certain modules according to its special needs and budget. All modules are written in compliance with Microsoft standard, and interact well with other Microsoft Windows family products.
  • The system can be installed on a stand alone computer, or on several computers connected with Microsoft network technology. A dedicated server may or may not be needed. The VRMS software adopts the open architecture philosophy. It can be installed on any standard PC.

  • Order entry: dine-in, quick service, and carry out customer.
  • VRMS Reports
  • Administration
  • Customer reservation
  • Hostess program
  • Gift certificate management
  • Employee Personal Reports
  • Manager Reports
  • Inventory: category and item definition functions
  • End of Day: dine-in group payment, post functions
  • Local machine setup
  • Check Kitchen Printing
  • Check Ordered Item Served
  • Server Tip Report
  • VIP Report
  • Tools
VRMS delivery modules include:
  • Order entry for delivery customers.
  • Delivery dispatcher.
  • Microsoft Mappoint Support with automatic delivery route calculation.
  • Delivery status module.
  • End of Day: driver group payment function.
VRMS BackOffice modules include:
  • Inventory Control: inventory check in/out functions.
  • Dynamic Inventory Management with automatic ingredient depletion.
  • Dynamic cost calculation.
  • Expense Management: vendor invoice and employee payment.
  • Purchase Order.
VRMS Credit card connection modules include:
  • Order entry/gift certificate sales swipe card or manual entered on-line card payment.
  • End of day: card payment tip adjustment and settlement functions.
  • VRMS report: card payment reports.
  • ICVerify Utilities.
Working time management modules include:
  • Individual job rate set up.
  • Job scheduling.
  • Time card punching.
  • Time card management.
VRMS station version is used by the station computer. It includes the order entry module. VRMS station version takes delivery orders and accepts card payments if the delivery module and card connection module have been purchased with the server version.